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Travel + Leisure Magazine
After the Gold Rush

Hotels Issue - May 2022:

With the revival of a historic hotel, a former mining town in California kicks off the dust-and discovers some hidden gems. By Eleni N. Gage

THE FIRST TIME I saw Nevada City, California, I turned to my sister, Marina, and said, "I can't believe there's a place that still looks like this."

What really stunned me was Broad Street, the main drag. 11 looked like a film set for a western, dominated by two prime examples of the Mother Lode style of architecture: the 1865 Nevada Theatre -one of the oldest in California, where Mark Twain once spoke-and the 1856 National Exchange Hotel, where Twain, and any other bigwigs who came to town, slept...

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Sactown Magazine
US Presidents

May June 2022:

It's no surprise that two Northern California landmarks-the Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley and The National Exchange located 4 miles away in Nevada City, sister lodgings built post-Gold Rush have hosted their fair share of American historical figures, given the region's literal gilded past. U.S. President Herbert Hoover stayed at The National, while oral history suggests that commanders-in-chief like Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland, James Garfield and Benjamin Harrison visited the Holbrooke.

Other notable guests at The National have included U.S. Senator George Hearst along with his suffragette wife, National PTA founder Phoebe, and their media-magnate in-the-making son William Randolph -- and Mark Twain, then a regular lecturer at the Nevada Theatre. Modern-day visitors can walk the same hallowed halls and snag some shut-eye in the same fabled rooms as these American legends.

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805 Living Magazine

The Travel Issue - May 2022:

Sister hotels in historic Nevada County celebrate the spirit of long-ago visitors who came in search of the mother lode.

The National Exchange’s second floor, known as the Grand Lounge, used to be the main entrance. Today, the ballroom-sized space is the heart of the hotel, framed by an expansive, u-shaped, golden-yellow couch and crowned with six round chandeliers, each with 150 bulbs and beveled mirrors that send light dancing around the ceiling. “We knew this hotel was leaning feminine, and it had to be grand,” says Doug Washington, one of the designers on the team. “You don’t get much grander than a tufted couch that’s 100 feet long and moves around a whole room.”

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11 Reasons to Drive to Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural District

March 24th 2022:

Grass Valley and Nevada City are home to two historic hotels that recently underwent major renovations under new ownership, outfitting them with modern comforts while bringing back the architectural and design details of the Gold Rush era. The Victorian-style National Exchange Hotel first opened in 1856 and holds the designation of being one of the oldest continuously run hotels west of the Rockies—outside of a fire that briefly shut the hotel down in 1863—as well as being recognized in the National Register of Historic Places and as a California Historical Landmark.

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Waking Up the Wild West

March 1st 2022:

Santa Barbara’s very own Acme Hospitality recently undertook an authentic remodel of its two historic boutique hotels, the Holbrooke and National Exchange, respectively located in Grass Valley and Nevada City, California.

“Acme’s three-year remodel has Produced an environment more Authentic to the ethos of the era Than perhaps the era itself.”

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The National Exchange Hotel Vs. Holbrooke Hotel in Northern California

February 17th 2022:

Emerging from an extensive, multi-year restoration, a pair of California’s oldest hotels — The National Exchange Hotel in Nevada City and the Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley — are giving guests a new way to strike travel gold. Built during the Gold Rush, both hotels offer the romance and intrigue that guests crave, but with an upscale and modern experience that this stretch of Gold Country has never seen before, thanks to massive renovations undertaken by Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Acme Hospitality.

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Old Glory

December 2021:

The National Exchange Hotel in Nevada City and Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley feature refined elegance and historic charm, along with delectable food and drink. Unwind from the grind and take a trip to the captivating Gold Rush towns of Nevada City and Grass Valley, just an hour and a half from Reno. Better yet, treat yourself to a stay at The National Exchange Hotel in Nevada City or Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley.

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Sacramento Magazine
Sacramento Magazine: Wild West luxury

November 2021:
Nevada City, the National Exchange Hotel reopened this past spring after a three-year closure for renovation. The results: fabulous. The hotel, which opened in 1856, began as a gathering spot and communication hub - the stage coach stopped right outside its barroom doors, and it housed the first telegraph office in Northern California in the late 1800s and later, till 1942, a post office...

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Lonely Planet logo on image of Lake Tahoe
Lonely Planet: See mining towns and mountain tops on these Lake Tahoe road trips

Aug 27 2021:
Next, you’ll arrive in Nevada City, where you must stop at The National Exchange Hotel – a destination itself, originally built during the Gold Rush in 1856. The building’s architecture reflects the style of its Victorian-era roots. Here, guests can check out the 38 unique rooms, the 400 pieces of art or dine at the new restaurant, Lola.

Smithsonian Magazine article about Nevada City, CA
The 15 Best Small Towns To Visit In 2021

June 07 2021:
The National Exchange Hotel, an 1856 Victorian brick property that’s also one of the oldest continuously operating hotels west of the Rockies, underwent a massive renovation. Now reopened, this historic 38-guest-room treasure pairs vintage furnishings with modern amenities (think electric kettles and Italian linens).

Edge Media Network
A Gay Goldrush of a Good Time in Nevada City, California

June 01 2021:
Roaring back to life (which began even before the pandemic) after hibernation, Nevada City's crown jewel, the historic National Exchange Hotel, had just reopened, its vintage splendor rejuvenated in a top-to-bottom three-year overhaul.

NBC Los Angeles
NBC Los Angeles: Admire a Gold Country Hotel's Elegant, Ye Olde Renovation

May 21 2021:
...if you had to select a single stately structure that stands tall on Broad, you'd surely look to the grand National Exchange Hotel, with its sizable second-story balcony, pressed ceilings, ornate details, picturesque stairs, and cinematic air.

Sacramento Magazine
Sacramento Magazine: Small Towns: Nevada City

April 21 2021:
Here’s one from our series on small towns in the foothills, with some highlights from our visits. This picturesque foothill town has preserved its historic downtown to such charming proportions that it’s impossible not to walk a little slower as you wander along the wooden sidewalks.


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